02/08/2018-05/08/2018: Campsite #1, Akita

Campsite #1

Arriving late at night after much waiting between the irregular rural train service, I set up my first camp in the dark and sweaty heat of a humid summer night. Unfortunately the ground was a lot drier than my clothes at that point, and added with the fact that this was the first time I’d set up the tent in a month or so, it took a fair while. But we got there in the end!


Since there were no official campsites within easy access of where I wanted to be, I camped on the edge of an area of shared public land where local people could come to plant their own vegetables. Every morning I woke up to the sound of a few people chatting together as they went about their gardening nearby. None of them seemed bothered by my camping there, although for long-term camping it probably isn’t ideal.

Check out the vid here!




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