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22/06/2019: Right now I’m working on finishing up the “Camp Japan” blog from last year. I’ve also been on a few trips around New Zealand recently and will be posting photos on Instagram and Facebook. Tidying up the site and adding new guides on camping and hitchhiking while I wait for a new visa

01/08/2018: Since completing the Global Hobo writing internship in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago, I’ve started traveling more of Japan. My aim is to visit as many outdoor and wildlife hotspots as possible and capture the moments on camera! Along the way I’ll be trying to see more of Japan’s unique cultural festivals or “matsuri”. So far I’ve visited Nagano, Akita, and am about to head north to the wilderness of Hokkaido for a month. I’ll be living out of my KiwiCamping tent and praying no bears decide to pay me a visit while I’m asleep…

Check out the links below for journal entries with photos and videos of my travel/camping set-up.

Camp Japan

Meet Sleevee!

05/08/2018-06/08/2018: Campsite #2, Aomori

07/08/2018-08-08/2018: Campsite #3, Noboribetsu Onsen

11/08/2018-13/08/2018: Campsite #4, Asahikawa

13/08/2018-14/08/2018: Campsite #5, Haboro: The Wild West Coast

14/08/2018-16/08/2018: Campsite #6, Wakkanai: Forest Hill Camping in the North

16/08/2018 – 18/08/2018: Campsite #7, Rebun Island: A Dr. Seuss Wonderland

18/08/2018-19/08/2018: Campsite #8, Return to Wakkanai

19/08/2018-21/08/2018: Campsite #9, Asahidake: Camping in the Mountains

21/08/2018-24/08/2018: Campsite #10, Biei: A Flourish of Flowers

24/08/2018-25/08/2018: Campsite #11, Furano: Flowers, Food and a Bar to Meet Locals

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